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MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform with MT4 Bridge

Forexware offers an MT4 white label platform and Forexware’s MT4 Bridge that passes both market data (i.e. quotes) and trading data (i.e. trade executions) between MT4 and Forexware servers. Our MT4 Bridge allows for real time trade execution, reduced slippage, interfacing with back office systems, and access to liquidity through Forexware’s pricing engine.

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Access multi-leveled aggregated liquidity pools for STP or accumulated trades

Trade confirmations are displayed automatically between liquidity flows and order management systems

Customizable liquidity streams, liquidity bridge, FIX API access and real-time price aggregation along with an array of reporting and automated risk management tools

Execute the best bid/offer from the world’s top-tiered liquidity sources, including banks and ECNs, guaranteeing the best possible liquidity in the market

Quotes are aggregated with the best market prices into a single real-time stream

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