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XW Trader

XW Trader, A Fully Customizable White Label FX Trading Platform

Forexware’s XW Trader provides brokerages with an easy to use, flexible and fully customizable white-label platform. Our system is fully integrated with all major social trading platforms and our back-end technology is optimized to support their trading style where thousands of clients can trade at the same time on the exact same currency.

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Chart Based Trading
Customizable indicators such as: moving average, stochastics, RSI, and many more

One-Click Trading

Order Types Include:
Market, limit, stop loss, trailing stop, OCO

News Panel and Live Market Data

Algo Console Allows You To:
Choose your own trading strategies and algorithms
Review scripts to make changes or updates in the Script Editor
Algo Wizard to back test various strategies

Advanced Charting Tools

Full Online Reporting Access On:
Pending Orders and Positions
Trading History
Account Statements
Account Summaries
Margin Levels

Integrated with Social Trading Platforms

Easily Customizable
Switch between color pallets, adjust order settings

Online Training & Support

MAM / PAM integration

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Kurs Hari Ini

Perhatian : Kurs dapat merubah setiap hari tanpa pemberitahuan karena mengikuti fluktuasi dollar. Untuk setiap transaksi deposit ataupun withdrawal akan dikenakan rate di hari tersebut

Deposit Withdraw Stok
14000 (IDR) 13000 (IDR) 1000000 (USD)