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XW Trader Mobile

XW Trader Mobile Is Built For Traders On-The-Go

With integration across desktop accounts, your customers can place orders and manage positions with speed and security anytime, anywhere.

The XW Trader Mobile offers on-the-go trading capabilities with a variety of analytical options and graphical displays for viewing quotes, trade execution and complete trade account management.

For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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Simple, Clean and Uncluttered Interface with Instant Order Execution

24-hour Streaming News

Interactive Graphing Tools
Historical data and time periods from one minute to one month Extensive charting library and analytical tools

Full List of Order Types
Market, Stop, Limit and Conditional (one cancels the other, trailing stop)

Real-time Quotes and Synchronization
Account data and trading activity are synced in real time Live streaming dealing rates

Reporting and Account Management Tools
Trade history, pending history, account statement

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